School Trip

Celebrate a school trip to Puerto Plata or the end of the school year with Unlimited Racing Pass & Lunch in Fun City for a special low price. This pass includes unlimited entrance to Cyclone, Grand Prix and Sprint 500 tracks, Bumper Cars plus a delicious lunch. Fun City has been a favorite with school trips for many years, and children of all ages enjoy our tracks and attractions. We let chaperones use our facilities free of charge (one free pass for every 20 passes purchased). It is easy to watch the kids inside the park with Fun City’s open layout, secured gated entrance and fenced perimeter. The park can accommodate groups up to 400 kids.

Your school trip can be combined with educational tour around Puerto Plata: Cable Car to the top of the mountain Isabel de Torrez, Fortress San Philippe, Amber Museum and many more things to see that Puerto Plata has to offer. We can also find you a place with a swimming pool if you want to combine FC with water related activities.

We at Fun City want your school to succeed in everything it does. If your school has a fundraising need we can help you with promotions and assistance in making your fundraiser in Fun City. 

Call 809-320-1031 for details.

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